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Free Transportation

Need a Ride to the center? We offer free transportation to and from the center, every weekday from 8:30am to 7:00pm.

Call ahead to make arrangements.

No Insurance Needed

No Insurance required.

No payment of any kind necessary.

Visit us without any money concerns.

No Identification Needed

Your privacy and confidentiality are important!

Come as you are.

MPS saved my life.  After a failed suicide attempt several years ago, when I was still depressed, miserable and alone, I started going to Beyond Bipolar on Wednesday nights. I had the expectation I would only go once; I didn’t think it would help and I was one piece of bad news away from finishing myself off. Then everything changed, I met great people (members and staff) and heard their stories and experiences that were exactly like mine. Over time I made so many new friends with both members and the excellent staff. I gained a new perspective and started wanting to live again. I now have friends that would actually miss me when I’m gone as much as I would miss them.

“I can be myself at MPS”

“I feel safe at MPS with so many people around who ‘get it’”

“Monadnock Peer Support changed my life! To all who are new to peer support… you have entered an amazing movement!!”

“I met my two best friends at MPS”

About Monadnock Peer Support

Monadnock Peer Support was founded in 1995 as an alternative that compliments and supplements the traditional mental health system. We are a member-driven organization that provides opportunities for people who experience mental health to support one another in moving towards what we want in life as opposed to away from what we don’t want. We also establish a culture in which our members and participants feel more empowered and less dependent on traditional mental health care.

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Need To Talk To Someone?

Need to Talk to Someone?

Call our Warmline.


Available daily from 5pm-10pm.

Staffed by trained peers. We are here to listen.



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