Monadnock Peer Respite

Monadnock Peer Respite is for anyone who is experiencing distress and feels they would benefit from being in a short-term, 24-hour, peer-to-peer, supported environment with others who have 'been there.'  We provide a safe place in which each person can find the balance and support needed to turn what is so often referred to as 'crisis' into a learning and growth opportunity.

MPR is founded upon years of community advocacy that has recognized the value of peer-to-peer support.

It operates based upon several core values including genuine human relationships, self-determination and personal strength, mutuality, optimism, healing environments, and respect.

Together, the respite team creates a safe and peaceful environment for guests in time of distress offering support in exploring what they may need to find balance and move forward.

To get started... If you think you might be interested in staying at MPR, use the contact information below to start a conversation about what you're looking for and whether MPR may or may not be a right fit.

Please contact Jim McLaughlin, Monadnock Peer Respite Coordinator, with any questions at (603) 352-5093 or email at


You may also ask any staff member questions, at any time about our program.

Thanks for all your support.